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Can Cognitive Therapy Help Me?

Extensive research on Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies has been carried out.
It has been shown to be an effective form of treatment, particularly for the following:

Obsessional OCD

Obsessional OCD

Here Jackie describes this distressing problem. Obsessional OCD is a form of OCD that people are often very frightened of or are too embarrassed to talk about.

A Peaceful and Tranquil Location

Jackie’s clinic “Heather Edge” is based in a peaceful, tranquil and therapeutic location.

The natural beauty of the area has long been recognised and valued by both locals and visitors and was an obvious base for the IPCC Bog of Allen Nature Centre located at the top of the lane. The area is particularly popular with walkers who value the flat yet varied terrain.



“Heather Edge” is adjacent to Lullymore West Bog with its rugged and fertile beauty. Over 300 species of bird, plant, insect and animal are found here and the habitats include grassland, scrub woodland, bare peat, pools and ditches. An abundance of rare butterflies can be seen and there have been recent sightings of red squirrels.



It provides a perfect setting for “Mindfulness” or simple relaxation and reflection. Whether you enjoy walking, picnics or simply watching nature, spending some time here is highly recommended. In addition to the Bog of Allen Nature Centre which is open to the public, there is also the nearby Lullymore Heritage and Discovery Park.

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