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Can Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Help Me?

Extensive research on Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies has been carried out.
It has been shown to be an effective form of treatment, particularly for the following:

Obsessional OCD

Obsessional OCD

Here Jackie describes this distressing problem. Obsessional OCD is a form of OCD that people are often very frightened of or are too embarrassed to talk about.

Appointment Information

Appointment information is split into 3 sections:

Part One - General Information

Part Two - Life History Questionnaire

Part Three - Map/Directions


Part One - General Information

Fees and Charges

Charge per appointment payable on the day - €120

Appointments cancelled with more than 48 hours notice – no charge

Appointments cancelled with 24- 48 hours notice - €60

For appointments missed or cancelled with 24 hours notice or less, the full appointment fee is charged.

Appointments are usually 50 minutes though first appointments can be longer.

Payment is requested by cash or cheque only. (Credit or debit cards cannot be accepted)

Unfortunately Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy is not currently covered by any of the health insurers though you may wish to confirm this with them as policies change from time to time. It may be possible to get a tax rebate in relation to your treatment fees. Please ask about this at your first appointment.

On arrival

My office is a separate building at the rear of the house and parking is available. The green sign on the door means that I am free so please come in. The red sign means that I am with somebody so please remain in your car. There is no waiting area inside the office.

Your appointment time has been specifically allocated to you and it is important that you attend punctually in order to avoid delays. If you are more than 15 minutes late, there is insufficient time for you to be seen/assessed and the appointment cannot proceed. An alternative appointment will be offered and the missed appointment fee charged.


Although my postal address is “Rathangan”, if locating my clinic on a map, it is actually much closer to “Allenwood”.


Clinical information is confidential. The only exceptions to this are:

1/ If it is considered that an individual is an actual risk to themselves or to others;
2/ In the case of disclosure regarding abuse of children, mandatory reporting may apply;
3/ If you are involved with legal proceedings, your file may be subject to subpoena. If you have any concerns or queries, please discuss this with me prior to or at your first appointment.

In the case of self-referrals, verbal or written liaison with an involved health professional is available at your request.

In the case of referrals via a doctor (e.g. G.P, Consultant Physician, Psychiatrist etc.) or other health professional, a brief report/treatment plan is usually issued after assessment, at discharge and when appropriate at interim periods. Referrers are also usually offered the option of a full assessment report. This is considered good practice but such liaison is not compulsory even in the case of medical referrals and you can decline this option if you wish. Outside of these identified health professionals, details of your case will not be disclosed or discussed without your written consent.

Part Two - Life History Questionnaire (Optional)

You have the option of completing or even partially completing this questionnaire and sending to Jackie prior to your appointment. This may enable more progress in the initial session than if starting from scratch. HISTORY QUESTIONNAIRE.doc

Part Three - Map/Directions

Alternative map/Directions

Request a Callback / Book Appointment

If you want any further information or would like to arrange an appointment, please complete this form or ring 045870423